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Credit Where Credit is Due

Screen Shot 2013-02-11 at 19.30.02

Today, I starting adding credits to the end of Inside Jaws. It soon became apparent that I should have been doing this since I began the project. I thought I had compiled a list somewhere (on my phone maybe). But no.  So today, I made it my aim to trawl through my emails, facebook messages… Read More

Backup Backup Backup

Following the loss of about 70% of my files during the creation of Star Wars Begins, I clearly understand the importance of backing up. So, for both Raiding the Lost Ark and Inside Jaws, I’ve had a fairly regular regime backing up not just the FCP project file, but also the media files. I remember… Read More

Donations to Charity

As you know, or should know by now, goodness me I’ve been banging on about it for long enough… I do not make any money on these filmumentaries. That was never my intention and never will be.  ”What about the site donation button?” I hear you ask. Ok, I have accepted a few donations over… Read More

Message from Colonel Dietrich

Wolf back in 1980 as Colonel Dietrich

One of the great things about creating these filmumentaries is making contact with the very people that starred in the films or helped to put them on film as a member of the crew.  I’ve been fortunate enough to be in contact with the likes of Carl Gottlieb, Robert Watts, Wolf Kahler and Howard Kazanjian… Read More

Making Slow Progress

Storyboard Comparison

Two nights ago I watched the first third of Inside Jaws (so far). It is clear that this is once again a different kind of filmumentary. Whilst I’ll be using all the available material in a constructive way, there just isn’t the amount behind the scenes footage available. I reckon I am at about 60%… Read More

The Imperative to Preserve

Many of my fellow fan editors feel an absolute imperative to preserve. Whether it’s Garrett Gilchrists restorative edits of Star Wars or Puggo’s 16mm and 8mm restorations or Adywan’s brave and successful efforts to preserve the feel of the original Star Wars films, there seems to be a real feeling amongst the community, that if the… Read More

Back at Sea!

Inside Jaws

Tomorrow, 3rd December 2012, marks my first day of work on Inside Jaws for a couple of months.  My (paid) work has taken me around the world for the past thirteen years. It’s difficult enough trying to balance life and work at the best of times. But this year in particular has been a busy… Read More

Aspects of Fandom


One of the only other areas of Star Wars that I’ve always loved is the range of vintage action figures. So I recently dug out my collection from the loft and thought about a way to display them that didn’t dominate the house. Within a few days I found a “shabby chic”, glass fronted case… Read More

Cut Price Inside Jaws Posters

Want to own a signed Inside Jaws poster? They are on sale at £5 including postage in the UK. Send money via PayPal. This link is just to the right. Mention whether you’d like the portrait or landscape poster. If you are out of the UK, please contact me first.

Popcorn Taxi Screening


Once again, thanks to the power of social media and the coverage which Star Wars Begins and Raiding the Lost Ark received, I was contacted from ‘down under’ by Popcorn Taxi.  They are a Sydney based film event group that screens films both classic and modern, often with Q and A sessions.  They wanted to screen Inside… Read More


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