79 – Miki Herman – Lucasfilm Production Manager

A young Miki Herman, with dark, permed hair using a paintbrush to touch up the C3PO mask
Miki had hands-on

My conversation today is with long time Lucasfilm film employee Miki Herman. She was engaged at Lucasfilm during the production of Star Wars and stayed long enough to work on the Ewok and Droids cartoons.

She worked on the original Star Wars trilogy as production assistant, production coordinator and unit production manager, respectively. She was later a consultant for The Star Wars Holiday Special and became co-executive producer of the Star Wars Droids and Ewoks animated series.

Now, I always feel like I make a connection with my interviewees and Miki is no exception. She was smiling and occasionally laughing. But something seemed a little off. I’m not sure if my connection was delayed to her or something else was going on. But sometimes Miki’s answers were quite short.

So, todays conversation as I mentioned, is a little shorter than usual. But still worth your time.

Big thanks for Miki for her time.

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