82 – Andor VFX Special – Emmy Nominees Mohen Leo, TJ Falls and Scott Pritchard

Well what a delight to chat to these wonderful artists again. I first met them when I hosted a VFX/SFX panel at Star Wars Celebration in May 2023, which also included SFX Supervisor Richard Van Den Bergh who I interviewed in episode 80.

ILM then got in touch a short while ago to ask if I’d like to interview the three VFX guys again, all of whom are now Emmy nominated for their amazing work on Andor – my favourite Star Wars since Rogue One.

Mohen Leo is VFX Supervisor and oversaw all VFX on Andor (and all VFX Vendors), TJ Falls is the VFX Producer for Lucasfilm and Scott Pritchard is ILM VFX Supervisor and Aerial VFX Supervisor.

So here’s our conversation in audio podcast and video versions. Please share with your nerdy friends and collagues and on social media.

And here’s the video version…

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