85 – Pablo Helman – VFX Supervisor for Spielberg, Scorsese and Fincher

For this episode, number 85, the firstone of September 2023, I have VFX supervisor of choice for both Spielberg and Scorcese, namely Pablo Helman.

Pablo and I spoke back in June 2023 about his career path and his work for Stephen and Marty. There will be a video version available for those of you that contribute via patreon on the second tier.

Pablo left his home of Argentina in the early 1990s to work in the VFX industry in California. He initially worked on films like Apollo 13 and Strange Days before joining ILM in 1996.

He went on to work on Jurassic Park 2, Contact, Saving Private Ryan, The Phantom Menace and more recently The Irishman, Mank and The Fablemans. A fascinating guy.


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