97 – Fred North – Helicopter Stunt Pilot

Fred North
Fred North

In episode 97 of the Filmumentaries podcast, I interview helicopter stunt pilot Fred North. Fred shares his journey from a childhood fascination with helicopters to becoming a successful stunt pilot in Hollywood. He emphasizes the importance of creating opportunities for oneself and having a shark-like drive to keep moving forward. Fred also discusses the art of flying a helicopter and the importance of connecting with the machine. He shares insights on working with directors and understanding their vision to offer creative solutions.


  • Creating opportunities and having a drive to succeed are key to achieving success.
  • Connecting with the machine and understanding its nuances is crucial in flying a helicopter.
  • Understanding the director’s vision and offering creative solutions can make a helicopter pilot invaluable in the film industry.
  • Embracing mistakes and learning from them is essential for personal and professional growth.

00:00 Introduction and Patreon Support
03:35 First Encounter with Helicopter
06:27 From Childhood Fascination to Becoming a Stunt Pilot
08:20 Shark-Like Drive and Embracing New Opportunities
10:42 Dealing with Mistakes and Learning from Them
12:30 The Importance of Having an Open Mind and Connecting with People
14:24 Writing the Book to Share His Journey
25:08 The Role of Instinct and Connection in Flying
28:21 Finding a Way into the Film Industry
35:25 Understanding the Director’s Vision and Offering Creative Solutions
41:06 QR Codes in the Book and Making it Entertaining
42:18 Closing Remarks and Future Episodes

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