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In June 2023, Justin Berger and I released our first collaboration, “Return of the Jedi – Unauthorized Timeline” – A compendium of every thing we could find associated with the pre-production, production and post production of the last film in the original trilogy. But we went even further and included details on home releases, video games, toys and more. On top of that we managed to get Return of the Jedi producer Jim Bloom to write an introduction. AND two of the Jabba team, name Dave Barclay and John Coppinger offered their diaries from the time to be exclusively included in the book. We even managed to get original Kenner photographer Kim D M Simmons to take some new photos for us! And I should mention, all of this is collated in date order making this THE most comprehensive reference book on the film that has ever existed.

So… there are over two hundred pages of Return of the Jedi goodness. Photos you’ve never seen before. Details you never knew before. Diaries you’ve never seen before. A plethora of call-sheets, meticulously recreated for you to pour over. And now all on your device and at your fingertips as an eBook.

You can pre-order right now, via Amazon in your region, the eBook version of the book, due for release on 1st of June 2024. And for a VERY reasonable price too.

Here are links to access the book in all available formats (hardback, paperback, and ebook) across the various Amazon regions:

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