87 – Doug Weir – BFI Technical and Remastering Lead

For this episode, number 87 I spoke to The British Film Institute’s Remastering and Technical lead Douglas Weir. Doug had recently introduced a screening of Jaws at the BFI back in June of this year. It wasn’t just any old print of Jaws, it was a near pristine dye transfer print that a colleague of Doug’s found in the archive.

After the screening which was amazing, I contacted Doug to see if he’d come on the podcast to talk about that print and about his career at BFI. It turns out he is already a listener of the podcast and was very keen to chat. So Doug invited me up to the southbank based BFI and along with his colleague, I got a back stage tour, checking out all the old projectors and film reels (I’ve posted some photos on the filmumentaries Instagram page). Doug and I then sat down for an hour for a chat, covering a multitude of topics including Jaws, the limits of restoration from both a techinical POV as well as what should be restored Vs what can be achieved.

I hope you enoy it.

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  1. Thanks Jamie. What and excellent interview and subject area. Right up my alley, as they say! Doug’s journey was really interesting and I happen to agree with many of his views and assessment of the world of restoration and preservation BUT not all. To only think of analogue as the holy grail of ‘filmed’ entertainment is frankly out of date and not a sustainable or desirable method of watching movies. Yes these should be saved, preserved and enjoyed alongside modern and future digital methods.

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