91 – Jeremy Coon – Director/Editor of A Disturbance in the Force

For this episode, the second of November 2023, I spoke with director, producer and editor Jeremy Coon.

Jeremy was the producer on the 2007 film Napoleon Dynamite. But I spoke to him in his editor director capacity about the new documentary “A Disturbance in the Force’, which I was lucky enough to see at the UK premiere in London last week.

The documentary chronicles the story behind the bizarre and legendary Star Wars Holiday Special. The 1978 TV special full of growling wookies, odd dance numbers and a “revisit” of sorts to the cantina, run be Bea Arthur usual and awkward appearances from the main cast of Star Wars.

This is a shorter than usual episode, but I wanted to get it out to you before the documentary is released on 5th December

So here is my conversation with Jeremy Coon, director and editor of Disturbance in the Force. I hope you enjoy it.

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