102 – Masters of the Air VFX Team – Steve Jelley and Xavier Bernasconi

shows a photo of a virtual production rig

For this episode, number 102, I am speaking to to gentleman that worked on the visual effects for Masters of the air, the Apple TV series which is a continuation of Band of Brothers and The Pacific. This time tackling World War Two airmen and their various missions.Β  So I chat with Xavier BernasoniΒ  who was one of the vfx supervisors on the show for DNEG and also two Steve jelly of Dimension studio who is responsible for a lot of the virtual production stuff, the big volume that you’ll know from shows like The Mandalorian. Well it’s now of course being used in many different ways in many different productions and not necessarily the ways that you would imagine…

I hope you enjoy the conversation.

64770876564__B4A959FE-9E86-4D36-B73F-789FB5B638E2.jpegXavier on the virtual production set

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