90 – RoboDoc – The Creation of RoboCop

In this episode (number 90!!), I share an enlightening conversation with the creators of the “RoboDoc” series – a comprehensive documentary on the iconic sci-fi film, RoboCop. The team includes directors Chris Griffith and Eastwood Allen, and producer Gary Smart.

The trio talks in-depth about how they transformed their passion project into a widely acclaimed series over several years. They reveal that their journey was far from smooth, battling legal issues, budget constraints, and meeting stringent fair-use criteria, among other challenges. Their tenacity to produce a series that deeply analyses every scene of the cult classic is ultimately what led to the final output.
The documentary features over 100 interviews with cast, writers, producers, special effects designers and countless crew members of the Robocop universe to provide fans with an incredibly detailed and insightful look into this much-loved franchise. The creators finally discuss distribution, the importance of physical media, and their hopes for future projects.
In the meantime “stay out of trouble”…

ROBODOC: The Creation of RoboCop. A 4-part limited series detailing the making of the seminal sci-fi movie, RoboCop (1987)

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