17 Days to Go!

After fifteen months of research, reading, trawling, spooling, emailing, Skyping and editing, Inside Jaws is almost finished.  Today the brilliant animator Dan Lucyszyn-Hinton is sending over his final piece of animation and providing it passes my scrutiny (I am sure it will), the project will be ready to upload for the release date of the 20th June 2013.

I am off on my travels again this week so I’ll take the rendered video away with me to give it one final look over. When I return it will be my birthday and a trip to the south-west.  Then I’ll upload to Vimeo the night of the 19th ready for all you lovely, supportive folks to watch in the morning.

I must say I’ve had a blast making this one. Because my knowledge of Jaws wasn’t quite up to the standard of my Star Wars and Indy expertise, I had lots of work to do. At times without Jim Beller there, this would have been a real struggle. See a) drive crash, b) problems at home, c) busy paid job.  Jim was always there to answer my amateurish Jaws questions and provide a great solution to any problems I encountered. Jim, I am indebted to you! Thanks so much for your help and support. I should extend this to the very friendly Jaws fan community who have always been behind me. Take note Indy fans! 😉  I now know my Bruce from my Oscar and my Orca 1 from my Orca 3.

I hope you all enjoy the finished product whether you’re a casual Jaws fan or an obsessed collector.

In the meantime, here’s the trailer:




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