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One of the only other areas of Star Wars that I’ve always loved is the range of vintage action figures. So I recently dug out my collection from the loft and thought about a way to display them that didn’t dominate the house. Within a few days I found a “shabby chic”, glass fronted case with little compartments. Just enough to display twenty or so of the little fellas. So I took the risk they would fit and placed a £25 bid. A while later it arrived so I selected some figures and purchased some brightly coloured card from the local stationary shop. I then combined the three elements to create a pretty cool looking, Empire Strikes back cardback inspired display case.

I’ve had quite a lot of positive feedback, so I contacted the guy I bought the plain case from to ask where he got it. His reply –  “I have no idea, I’ve had it in the garage for years”. So the only advice I can give is –  keep your eyes on ebay for something similar.



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  1. Don’t you love those moments, when it comes together perfectly, and quickly? That one box where you have Darth and the stormtrooper could possibly one day hold a taller figure, such as the Wampa!

    BTW, I’ve seen all of your filmumentaries, and I’ve loved them. I appreciate the dedicated effort it takes to create those. The end result is as if someone took the movie and then grabbed special features, and then smushed them all together, creating a whole new experience.

    Looking forward to the Jaws epic, hope Universal didn’t steal any of your thunder with that “Shark is Still Working” doc on the recent blu-ray.

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