Back at Sea!

Tomorrow, 3rd December 2012, marks my first day of work on Inside Jaws for a couple of months.  My (paid) work has taken me around the world for the past thirteen years. It’s difficult enough trying to balance life and work at the best of times. But this year in particular has been a busy one. Not only have I had to head up a department (along with my colleague), but I started to do some directing and producing. In short, my hobby in the form of Filmumentary making has taken the brunt of this busy period. I’ve barely done a minutes work on Inside Jaws in the last quarter of the year. But tomorrow, I intend to reignite the project. I have already made a list of what needs working on, so I should be able to work quite quickly.

I have several previously unreleased interviews to listen to. I’ve already logged a couple of them and there is some great material in there. And I have my graphics guy James Bruhl to chase up (he’s been busy too!).

My aim is to release it by the end of February 2013.  The second month of the year is a good luck charm for me. Both Star Wars Begins and Raiding the Lost Ark were released on that month in 2011 and 2012 respectively.  My fingers are firmly crossed. Between tapping the keyboard and moving the mouse that is!

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