95 – Garrick Hagon – Star Wars Actor

Biggs himself

Ok, this is another one from the archives, but as with the Robert Watts recording, I’ve been wanting to put this one out in podcast form for a while too.

This is a conversation I had with actor Garrick Hagon back in 2015. If that name doesn’t ring a bell, how about Biggs Darklighter.

Yes, Garrick is well known for his mostly deleted scenes from Star Wars in which he plays Luke’s best pal. I’d met Garrick in the green room at a Star Wars Trilogy day at the BFI southbank earlier that year. I’d been invited there by my old mate Toby Phlipott, Jabba puppeteer and all round good guy.

Garrick and I got chatting about how I’d done an interview with Toby and created what turned out to be a very popular video from it. So I suggested we do the same. In fact both of those videos are still on my vimeo channel. So I’ll also link to that in the show notes.

As with all interviews, when making a video you often cut out certain bits that you don’t need. But with a podcast you can make it more long form. So that’s what I’ve done here. The interview was done over the phone, so it won’t sound as good as some of my more recent episodes. But it’s still definitely very listenable.

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