94 – Robert Watts – Legendary Producer

This is one from the archives, but I’ve been wanting to put this out in podcast for for some time now.

Its my interview with the legendary producer Robert Watts from back in July 2018.

My cameraman buddy Paddy and I visited Robert at his home, and a lovely home it was too. He was on such great form and just a delight to be with.

We arrived armed with some F1 signed caps from Hamilton and Vettel because a little birdy had told us he was a motorsport fan. And he was absolutely delighted. That little birdy was actually David Whitely, who is going to be a guest on this very podcast in the coming weeks.

It wasn’t of course ever intended to be a podcast, so you’ll hear my questions slightly off mic, but of course this is all about Robert and his work on 2001, Thunderball, Star Wars, Raiders, The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi etc, so I’m sure you can forgive some audio irregularities.

As the recording starts, Robert and I are talking about Stuart Freeborn and his creation of Yoda. You’ll also hear friend of the podcast Paddy Tyndall ask the occasional question. I hope you enjoy it.

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