77 – Co-Producer Jim Bloom – Return Jedi Unauthorized Timeline Book

Ok so for this episode, number 77 (cool number) I have a guest host in the shape of my co-author on the new Return of the Jedi Unauthorized timeline book, Justin Berger.

So the conversation you’re about to hear is our interview with Jedi’s co-producer Jim Bloom about his time working on the film. We are so happy to say that he also wrote a wonderful introduction for the book.

So today, 25th May, was supposed to be the release day of the book. Unfortunately Amazon let us down and we’ve had to delay until June 1st (jeditimeline.com) Basically our proof copies which should have arrived in a matter of a couple of days, didn’t arrive until too late. We didn’t want to put the book up for sale without having handled it ourselves to make sure everything is in order. Better to get this done properly than quickly. And in fact a couple of things have come to light since we decided to delay which are going to make this a better book anyway.

There will be three versions of the book. The contents are the same in each but we have three versions to suit all pockets. The first is the colour hardback. The second is the colour softcover and thirdly there’s a version with a colour softcover with black and white pages. That’s the cheapest of the bunch. If you can afford it, why not buy yourself a hardback cover one to keep and treasure and a softcover one to flick through at your leisure?

So here’s our conversation with Jim Bloom. Justin’s internet died a couple of times so he doesn’t say a huge amount, but what he does say is great. Thanks to both of these gents for their time.


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