73 – Mike Dawson – Special Effects (Supervisor) – Superman, Return of the Jedi, Indiana Jones etc

Episode 73

If you remember, I interviewed House of the Dragon writer and showrunner, Ryan Condal back in September 2022, episode 59 I think. Well he and I have become friends and we chat quite a bit on Whatsapp. He suggested I speak to his Special Effects Supervisor on Dragon, Michael Dawson. “He’s been in the industry since Superman in the late 70’s. He’s a great guy and would be perfect for your podcast”.

So, a couple of weeks ago I did indeed have a great chat with Mike. He not only worked on Superman, but also on the three original Indiana Jones films, Return of the Jedi, Return to Oz, Alien 3, Patriot Games, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and so many more! We didn’t get the chance to talk about all of them but we did have a great conversation about his job and his 45 plus years working in special effects.

So here’s my chat with Special Effect Supervisor Michael Dawson.


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