Ivor Powell Documentary – Slight Delay

Following the completion of my short Ivor Powell documentary-bio in early May 2020, Ivor was hugely impressed with the results and kindly passed it onto the publicity department at Amblin Entertainment. They are co-producing Ivor’s new venture, BIOS with Universal. BIOS is a script Ivor co-wrote with Craig Luck (who weirdly, according to IMDB was in the Solo movie!). BIOS has been shot, staring Tom Hanks in the lead role and looks set to be a great sci-fi epic to add to Ivor’s impressive back catalogue. BIOS was originally due for release in October 2020, but given the events of the past few months, it has been moved to April 2021, presumably in the hope that it will get a cinema audience rather than home streaming. Amblin are currently seeking clarification on the BIOS trailer release date so that I can release my bio of Ivor along side it. We are also talking about me maybe getting use of some BIOS material in my little film. The VP of publicity at Amblin was so impressed with my little film that they have introduced me to the behind the scenes team at Universal. I’ve emailed them, but as yet I’ve had no reply. Who know’s if they are currently working or furloughed. But a positive moment nonetheless.
I’ll update you when I know more.
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