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After an invite to a movie set in late July, things began to look great in the world of filmumentaries.  I met genuine film stars, a famous director and got to observe them all at work for a couple of hours.  Following this, a meeting with the director who repeatedly told me that he thought I made “the best making ofs ever”. A real buzz. He went on to say that he’d love to work with me.  I would carry on what I was doing but with the access to film studios, distributors and infrastructure that he could offer. A dream come true.  Well since late July contact has been very friendly but sporadic. Me desperately trying to get the ball rolling. The director, very busy as one might expect. He has recently become big time and is currently doing deals all over the place. My projects are small fry but I continue to feel confident that we will get together to make this happen.

Then only last week whilst I was in Austin Texas, another California based company got in touch to talk about bringing my ideas to work alongside their technology. I can’t talk about either of these proposals in any detail at the moment but I am extremely excited about both.  I haven’t yet given myself the luxury of jumping up and down. I’ll save that for the dotted line moment.

I just wanted to thank you all for the continued support and interest in my projects. Keep watching over the next couple of months for some hopefully very exciting news.


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  1. Hi Jamie, that’s great news about the opportunities. See where passion gets you? This isn’t work for a guy like you. it’s the dream mate. Wishing you continued success…keep up the great work.

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