Book Release Day! Return of the Jedi Unauthorized Timeline

Anchorhead Publishing and Filmumentaries are excited to present the second book in the Star Wars Unauthorized Timeline Series: Return of the Jedi Unauthorized Timeline 1976-2023 by Justin Berger and Jamie Benning.


Available worldwide through Amazon on June 5th, 2023, this book features over 250 pages of dates, facts, photos, exclusives, and more! Authors Justin Berger and Jamie Benning have spent over a year researching and collecting information to include in this tome dedicated to the third film in the original Star Wars trilogy.

This book contains the most comprehensive collection of dates ever assembled relating to varying aspects of the film including all stages of production, marketing and promotional campaigns, television and theatrical releases, special events, toys and video games, and features exclusive crew diaries by former crew members, Dave Barclay and John Coppinger, both of whom worked directly on the Jabba the Hutt puppet and other aspects of the film’s production.

The book also features an introduction by Jim Bloom, Associate Producer on The Empire Strikes Back and Co-Producer on Return of the Jedi.

“The contents of this book, although not in narrative form, sparks many great memories for me; the places, people, sets, problems, and solutions that went into producing Jedi. It’s a timeline peeling away the “glamour” of the movie, to reveal its inner skeleton, its blueprint for production. It’s a rare perspective into the filmmaking process through an historic analogue paper trail.” – Jim Bloom

Also contained within its pages are exclusive photos shot just for this book by original Kenner Toys photographer Kim DM Simmons, quotes from select Filmumentaries Podcast guests such as Nilo Rodis-Jamero, Tim Rose, and Sean Barton, and original production call sheets painstakingly re-created for this release.

From the early conceptual ideas of crucial characters to the re-release of the film on its 40th Anniversary, Return of the Jedi Unauthorized Timeline spans the history of this classic film and is a must-have for any Star Wars fan! Available in hardcover and softcover formats, this book will satisfy film aficionados and cinephiles of all ages.

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