62 – Jim Bloom -ILM Producer, Luke Skywalker “Actor” 2/2

If you listened to episode 61 you’ll know it was part one of a two part conversation with Lucasfilm and ILM producer Jim Bloom. Jim is a great talker and worked on so many projects, most of them successful but he also talks openly and enthusiastically about some movies that didn’t make it into production and about some that did but didn’t do much at the box office.

In this conversation we talk about his cameos as Luke Skywalker in The Empire Strikes Back, about the challenges running an effects house and the ups and downs of life as a producer, his views on Return of the Jedi director, the late Richard Marquand and his time working alongside Richard in Yuma and in the Redwood forests of California. We also talk about a little known film that Jim produced called Warning Sign, released in 1983, which he says had some hints towards how a future pandemic may play out. I’m going to track down a DVD or blu ray of that.

I hope you enjoy it.

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