57 – David Mandel – Seinfeld, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Veep, The Stuff Dreams Are Made Of

I don’t have much in the way of film artefacts these days. I have a couple of replica Star Wars helmets. Some Neca Alien and Jaws action figures and of course some reference books.
My guest this week however has not only a super impressive collection, he is also responsible for three of the best comedies ever written. Three of my all time favourites in fact.. Seinfeld, Curb your Enthusiasm and Veep. Yes, I have writer and executive producer David Mandel on the show! I mean it’s kind of bonkers really.

Also as a wonderful DVD special feature type bonus, I am joined by my friend, and former Filmumentaries Podcast guest, Emmy Award winning matte artist Jim Maxwell. You’ll have seen Jim’s work in Vikings, Vikings: Valhalla, maybe even in Curb Your Enthusiasm. Now you see the connection!! Jim has worked as a VFX matte painter for some 20 years. Had a short stint at ILM. And is the owner of items relevant to the conversation you’re about to hear.

Thanks to both David Mandel and Jim Maxwell for being great!

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