Episode 36 – Sean Barton – Editor of Return of the Jedi, Quadrophenia, Jagged Edge

So for this episode, I went out into the wide world and actually did an in-person interview. I reached out to editor Sean Barton via IMDB Pro. Actually my first time using the site. So that’s a 1 for 1 hit rate so far. 

As a hater of Zoom, Sean was very gracious in inviting me to his house on the other side of London. Both of us are double vaccinated and LFT’s were done beforehand just to be sure. 

So I rocked up with two Zoom H2 mics (one purchased the day before because my spare was failing to work) a mic-stand and a list of general topics that I wanted to talk about. Actually I only looked at the list for the first question and the rest of the conversation flowed rather nicely. He really is such a nice man and so easy to talk with.

If you don’t know him by name, you’ll certainly know him by his work. Sean edited the seminal cult film Quadraphina for Frank Roddam, he then teamed up with Richard Marquand for Birth of the Beatles, Eye of the Needle and in 1981 they both began work on the last film in the Star Wars trilogy. A little independent film called Return of the Jedi. You may have heard of it.

Both Richard and Sean worked together again on the psychological thriller Jagged Edge, starring Glenn Close and Jeff Bridges. I re-watched all of the above in preparation for the chat and I was surprised to find how fresh Jagged Edge felt. Of it’s time for sure, but it still works. It was clearly the proto erotic-psycological thriller that lead to a slew of them in the 90s. Despite the fact there isn’t much eroticism in Jagged edge. 

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