Episode 34 – Gabriel Hardman – Comic Book and Storyboard Artist – Logan, Interstellar, Inception, Aliens Dust to Dust

For this episode I have Gabriel Hardman.  Now Gabriel and I got in touch over Twitter, thanks to good guy Duncan Fegredo. I didn’t actually know much about Gabriel, but after some  searching online I found that I was in fact aware of some of his work. 

He’s a comic book artist and writer. And heโ€™s also a very sought after storyboard artist. So I got in touch with Gabriel and immediately it was obvious that he was a good guy and he said he was willing to come on the podcast to talk about his work.

So we spoke a few weeks ago now, again over zoom. Having seen some of his storyboards I was keen to ask him about the process that he goes through to create them. When he’s brought on board, when he finishes his job on a film and I was quite surprised with some of the answers actually. 

I also wanted to talk to him about his comic books, and as part of my research, I read one of his Aliens books, which was great. I thought he really had a good grasp of medium and was able to create a tense atmosphere for the reader. There’s a great opening scene Aliens Dust to Dust which shows heโ€™s clearly adept at using the elements of cinema and comic book artistry hand in hand.

It really had me on  the edge of the seat.

I hope you enjoy our conversation.

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