Going Back…

Whilst I wait for my deal with the studio to come off – keep your fingers crossed for me – I’ve decided to start Going Back…to the Future. For now it will take the form of some “painted” interviews with those involved with the film.

First off, I spoke to Special Effects Supervisor Kevin Pike (now the owner of Filmtrix). Here is part one of the interviewย in which Kevin talks about the opening sequence of Robert Zemeckis 1984 masterpiece.


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  1. I know it might take awhile, but seriously, I am so excited for this one. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Btw. Definitely keeping my fingers and toes crossed for the “studio deal.” Cheers!

    • Thanks Michael. I really appreciate your kind words and support. My fingers are firmly crossed too!

  3. Can’t express how much I love your films. Some very good insight into what are considered some of the best films (in my opinion). Thank you so much for these and very much looking forward to the release of yet another masterpiece.

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