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Well the downtime over the winter wasn’t as productive as I’d hoped with regards to my little projects.  What with multiple HDD failures etc.  Real life obviously takes precedence. But the good news is, for those of you waiting to see Inside Jaws, I am back on the road next week for my thirteenth F1 season.  This means a lot of time sat on planes, in hotels and on coaches.  More time to tinker with my soon to be released filmumentary.

Just last night, Jaws expert Jim Beller who kickstarted this project, had a look over the first hour of so of my rough cut. We then had a lengthy Skype chat, going through notes that we had both made.  Jim is my Jaws brain and is great at saying, ‘Wait, I have a piece of material you could use there”. So I came away from our chat with lots to do. All great suggestions from Jim and a couple of good ideas from me just because I was able to sound Jim out about them first.

If my new Lacie drive arrives in time, thanks to some kind donations, I will be taking it to Australia with me and spending some strange hours in my hotel room editing away.  This year I have to make some savings as recent circumstances at home have meant our income has effectively been cut in half. For now anyway. So hopefully Inside Jaws will keep me away from expensive bars, clubs and restaurants and on the way to getting the project finished before summer.

Thanks for your continued support.

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  1. Hope you get a bit more good fortune and get this all sorted. Enjoyed all your previous projects immensely and recommend them whenever I get a chance to people who aren’t aware of the brilliant work you do. Cheers again and can’t wait to see how jaws turns out.

    Keep up the good work mate

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