Lunch With Film Royalty

As you know, I recently contacted Michael Ford, the twice Oscar winning Set Decorator, to talk about his work on Raiders of the Lost Ark. He kindly invited me to lunch to have chat. Yesterday I met not only with Michael but with other members of film royalty, his close friends.

Opposite me was Tom Priestly, the editor of Deliverance.  Next to him was Peter Lamont, a veteran of eighteen Bond movies, plus two actors and a film construction manager. The name dropping, whilst normal for them, was absolutely fascinating to me.  Stories with the names like Dahl, Connery, Barry, Ford, Williams and Loren were flowing easily.  An amazing way to spend my afternoon.  I don’t think I’ll end up interviewing Michael, as I hope to release Raiding on the 6th Feb. But he has invited me back to look through his film albums.  I’ll definitely be taking him up on his offer.

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