Q: What is a Filmumentary (TM)?
A: A Filmumentary is a format that I created where the viewer can watch a film while additional material appears on screen. Including: deleted scenes, alternate takes, on set audio, text facts and information and audio commentary from cast and crew etc. The intention was draw these resources from archival and contemporary interviews, documentaries, TV spots etc. Some of the interviews I undertake myself in the case of Raiding and Inside Jaws. All to make the ultimate “making of” experience for the viewer.

The name Filmumentaries was just a matter of combining “Film” and “Documentary”. It makes total sense… right?

Q: What has the response been to your projects?
A: See the Reviews and Coverage page for more information.

Q: Are your documentaries available on DVD?
A: Whilst I do burn some DVD’s for review purposes, they are not available for purchase. These are non profit making projects and therefore discs of them should not be bought or sold by me or by anyone. If you find anyone selling them please report it to me.

Q: What is the best way to watch your Filmumentaries?
A: On Vimeo!

Q: How can you be contacted?
A: Here at Filmumentaries.com (just leave a comment) or on Twitter @JamieSWB

Q: Can I donate?
A: If you want to become a patron, please head over to Patreon.com

Q: What about copyright issues?
A: To date, neither Lucasfilm, Paramount nor Universal have been in touch. I hope they see my Filmumentaries for what they are; love letters to my favourite films. I make absolutely no profit from these projects.

Q: How do you make these Filmumentaries?
A: Initially with Final Cut Pro 7, Photoshop and Motion. Now with Premiere and outscourcing to friends who know After Effects! Plus lots of hard work and with kind help from many fans and friends from around the world.

Q: Where can I find artwork for your Filmumentaries?
A: Google. Several people have made some cool DVD and Blu Ray covers.

Q: What film are you tackling next?
A: I would love to work on Ghostbusters, Back to the Future etc, but also on other films including The Shining, Chinatown or Seven Samurai. But I would only tackle these in an official capacity. I’m still waiting for that call from the rights owners!

Q: Any plans to take your projects into the world of officialdom?
A: I would love to! I’ve had dalliances with Warner Bros, 20th Century Fox and Disney+ (though that was just being a consultant on Prop Culture). Maybe one day!


  1. Dear Jamie,

    I am an ardent admirer of your filmumentaries as they are so eloquently titled, and I was hope to add an interesting note to your wonderful collection. It pertains to a prop from your latest endeavor of “Raiding the Lost Ark.”

    In part 2 at time 6:40, you discuss the Nazi Spy on board the China Clipper. I had never noticed the magazine he was reading before until i paused the clip to thoroughly read what you had to say in caption… and then I recognized the Life issue. It was a Life expose on the West Point military academy. I know this because at one point I was a West Point Cadet and saw a copy of the issue at the Academy museum that is located near the West Point hotel.

    You can clearly see the cadet at the mess hall as well as the West Point insignia on the pitchers behind him. I’ve attached a link for an image http://www.lifemagazineconnection.com/index.php?main_page=popup_image&pID=88&zenid=ee8c845cec7d02540b02dad88efeed42

    The issue was from 1936. So there you are, I was amazed at the detail they put into the era filming, and hope this interests you as well.

    Thank you for your time

  2. Hi Jamie,

    I hope this message finds you in good health and form.

    Could you please provide me with an email address, which I could contact you at?

    Thanking you in advance,

  3. I am the Chief Editor of an adventure lifestyle and wildlife conservation magazine featuring interviews and articles by filmmakers, production, visual effects and cast. We are interested in promoting your work – having you as a guest expert contribute a piece detailing the creative process behind your latest work Raiders of the Lost Ark. If you are happy to provide an article (1000-1600 length) relating unique insights (from the research involved), images and promotional details for a feature in our next issue (deadline March 15th), please advise.

    You can view our latest issue from our site or directly at:

  4. Dear Jamie Benning

    I must admit, I never heard about you amazing filmumentaries before I read about them in a newsletter from the Empire magazine. I just saw “Raiding” and was totally blown away. Over the years, I watched those films countless times, read “The Making of Raiders of the Lost Ark” from Derek Taylor and just loves it. I thought, that there wasn`t anything that I didn`t know about Indy, you proved me wroing for sure.
    Thanks alot for your great work and accomplishment.
    Where exactly did you get the original footage from?
    Was it from the old “Making Of” Tape, or did you have additional material?
    Is it possible to see the whole material you used?
    I also have a website where I publish moviereviews.
    Until now, I did my reviews in German, but I also have alot things already written in English. If you give me a little info to work with, I would love to write something about your work!

    Best Wishes


    • Hi, Thanks for your very kind comments.

      The footage is from TV shows, documentaries, specials, DVDs. All over the place. I do have a list, but I won’t be publishing it just yet.

      Thanks for your interest.
      Many Thanks
      Jamie Benning

  5. Hi Jamie,
    I’m a researcher working on a feature doc about fan film and fandom in entertainment. We’d like to speak to you. Can you make contact/send me your email? Thanks!

  6. Hi Jamie,

    I work on BBC 1 consumer affairs show, we are doing a story on Star Wars, and it would be great to speak to you about the specific story we are producing.

    All the best,

  7. Hi, Jamie:

    I’m currently working on a RAIDERS-related book and I’d like to talk about it with you a bit. Obviously, I’m not going to talk about it too much in a public forum, so please feel free to contact me directly through IHateSnakes.com. I think you’ll find a conversation to be worthwhile.

    Incidentally, I greatly enjoyed your RAIDERS “filmumentary”. One of the best videos I’ve ever seen related to the film.

    Richard Starr

  8. Hi Jamie! Hope you’re well.
    How can I get permission to play Inside Jabba the Hutt at an event I’m running with Toby Philpott? It’s a non profit event in aid of several charities.



  9. What a wonderful tribute! Well done!! Has Gary seen this yet? I’m extremely eager to ask you some things about certain bits of footage you utilized for this! Would you be so kind as to contact me when you have a moment?

    Best wishes,

    Patrick Read Johnson
    Writer/Director “5-25-77”

  10. Hi Jamie, recently discovered your Jaws filmumentary and have been sharing it around my various channels. Really fantastic work, mate. I’ve just recorded an audio commentary of the film with another film podcaster and superfan. We namechecked you a number of times and I put the vimeo link in the shownotes. Not sure there’ll be much you haven’t heard but we personalised a bit and here’s the link anyway. All the best!


  11. I just stumbled across your wonderful podcast site (the Craig Barron episode). Terrific, intelligent discussion. I’ve been running a massively detailed (really!) blogsite for 13 years on traditional matte painting and the oft neglected or lost history and artists therein (and other ‘hand made’ vfx – strictly no CGI!) and by coincidence have, among hundreds of posts, have recently done a comprehensive study of all of ILM’s traditional matte shots, with the second extensive part due out shortly.

    I will certainly return to delve deeper, and I’d be happy to plug Craig’s interview. I know him, and he has been most helpful over the years with ‘matte shot matters’.

    All the best from New Zealand


  12. Jaime,
    Thank you so much for your wonderful work! I was hoping for some help, after hearing your interview with Nilo Rodis-Jamero. I am actually seeking his assistance on a current project, but have no way to contact him. Further, my friends from ILM who worked with him in the 80s no longer keep in touch. Would it be possible for you to direct me as to the best way to contact him, either directly or through his agent? Any assistance/direction would be appreciated. Probably best to contact me privately through the email linked to this comment. Thank you so much, and again, wonderful work!

    • Hi. Nilo has asked me not pass on his email address. But I will pass your message onto him.

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