TPM 3D Multimedia Premiere

Well, I was invited as a “plus one” by my pal Matt. And I thought it would be a good opportunity to hand out some promotional material for my filmumentaries.  Is that enough justification?  I am sad to say that the film has not aged well.  The plot still incomprehensible.  The characters are barely 2D.  The dialogue is cringworthy. Basically, unlike a good cheese or wine, TPM has not matured over time. I actually left after the podrace, which I always thought was the best bit. It’s really not.

The best part of the evening was the the fun in the foyer.

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  1. I was thoroughly looking forward to The Phantom Menace 3D experience. I am a great fan of the whole Star Wars enterprise. However, I have to admit to being completely underwhelmed by Episode I 3D.

    I’m not sure if it was the fault of the cinema in which I saw it, but the print was of poor contrast and lacked presence generally; audio was well below expected volumes as Maurice Murphy’s trumpeted opening bars to John Williams’ main intro had no impact whatsoever.

    With the expected failings of the original move set aside (plot, script, dreadful ‘sword’ skills from all except Ray Park – a well respected martial artist), things didn’t get any better after the poor first impressions. The “best” 3D effect was demonstrated by the infamous opening rolling titles. The movie just didn’t appear to transfer well to the genre. The space battles should have revealed some impressive scene depth but were, again, rather underwhelming on the whole.

    By far, the best encounter that day was with the 2 fully kitted Storm Troopers on duty in the foyer who were most enthusiastic in their treatment of “rebel scum” (although perhaps not too familiar with plot lines). Well done fellas – a great effort!

    I can’t imagine I will anticipate Attack of the Clones or Revenge of the Sith in their 3D guises. If I do, it will be because of the opportunity to don Jedi robes and wear a light sabre in the company of other so-attired fans, rather than to marvel at the spectacle of the 3D experience that should (probably) never reach the screen big screen.

    Heaven forbid episodes IV – VI are considered for such sacrilegious treatment.

    Back to “Star Wars Begins” – the best and most engaging production since Episode III’s closing credits.

  2. Can’t edit the initial comment – last sentence should refer to Episode VI’s closing credits…

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