Raiding Poster Artwork

No less than three fantastic artists have created artwork for Raiding the Lost Ark.  Peter Starling of Electrographica created several graphical illustrations depicting combinations of Indy, George, Steven, Marion and even little old me!  I’ve included a shot of the final poster below along with some of Pete’s early concept sketches.

Martin Schlierkamp , a German artist of amazing photorealistic renderings offered to make me a poster to fit with, not only his style, but the style of the period in which Raiders was released.  Martin’s ability to capture likenesses is incredible as I think you’ll agree.  Watch out Drew Struzan!

TokyoSexWhale (@tokyo_sexwhale), an artist that I chanced across on Twitter, thanks to his wicked sense of humour, was also gracious enough to ply his trade to the subject of my filmumentary.  What he produced has had me laughing for days.  I never dreamed that one day, my head would be depicted as the rolling boulder from the opening sequence of Raiders.  Lets face it, why would I!

I shall be displaying work from all three artists on my home walls very soon.

If you can’t see the gallery – hit this link.

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