Storyboard Procurement

Sallah at the entrance to the Well of Souls

A couple of weeks ago, I purchased a production used storyboard from an Indy collector. It shows Sallah, in a bluescreen composite shot. The seller wouldn’t tell me any more than “it was used by a very senior member of the ILM crew’.  Since receiving this item, I’ve got a real taste for these artefacts, but I have to be careful, as they’re not cheap.  Thanks to a small amount of unexpected inheritance, I’ve decided to invest (are you listening darling?) in two more.  One depicts Wolf Kahler’s character, Colonel Dietrich during the Ark opening scene.  The other is part of a deleted scene and is the one which I will treasure the most.  I’ve got plans to get them nicely framed and put up in the house I’m currently attempting to buy. More when I get them.

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