Short Progress Report

Tomorrow I have a little time to edit in the piece about the modified Jaguar/Nazi Merc (including some cool rare photos) and a few tweaks here and there. If the Raiding artwork (by four different artists)  is in place and the meeting with Michael Ford isn’t fruitful next week, I’ll release Raiding the Lost Ark very soon after.  If the chat with Michael is fruitful if will only take one additional week to edit and release the final product.

Below is a little look at the work in progress of some comic artwork being done for me by @tokyosexwhale, a talented artist that made contact on Twitter. Do check out his work! And yes, thats my head he’s turned into a large boulder.  I can’t wait to see the final image!

Work in Progress of @tokyosexwhale Artwork


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  1. *Loved* the SW films, just wanted to ask if I’ll be able to get a dvdr copy of Raiding… via fanedit when it’s complete?

    • Hi Paul, It will no doubt be put on a torrent or newsgroup by someone. It won’t be me though. I’ll just upload it to vimeo and youtube, but I may be sending out a few DVD copied for review purposes.

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