Happy New Year – 2012

Well, now that the festivities are over (and after the job I am currently working on), I should be able to get round to finishing Raiding The Lost Ark by the end of Jan or Feb 2012.

The editing part of the process is mostly done. There are a few tweaks that need doing of course and I still need to integrate some of the audio from the interview with Brian Muir. Unfortunately, one of the mics in the audio recorder failed and the audio is the best quality.  Finally,  I have to concentrate on the colour correction and sound mix next, then things should be good to go.

I’ll hopefully be uploading it to Vimeo rather than Youtube. Unfortunately Youtube have restricted the length of video I can upload due to a copyright request from 20th Century Fox on the John Jimpson/early Star Wars Cantina edit. It was taken from an old 90s LucasArts CD-ROM, but now appears on the Blu Ray, so I can see why they wanted it removed.  Fortunately and to my surprise, they don’t seem to be worried about the rest of my videos on there.

In other Raiding news, I have a very talented artist working on a poster for me that will be used for promoting the film. I can’t wait to see what he can come up with. His previous renderings from Raiders are amazing!

In the meantime, Happy New Year to you all!

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