A Brief Conversation with Drew Struzan

I was fortunate enough to have an email conversation will legendary film poster artist Drew Struzan this week. I’ve always been a huge admirer of his work, so it was a real buzz to hear back from him. I’d initially contacted him to do an interview about his poster work on Raiders. However, he was unable to, due to a busy schedule. He started his reply with an enthusiastic response to having watched Part 1:

“Good for you and for us!

As far as my interview, I am way too busy, pressed on every side. I regret being in a position unable to give you the time to participate in your doc.

Please have a great time working on the film and all best wishes to you….drew”.

We had a couple of emails to and fro and then I left him to get on with his work.

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  1. That’s really neat that you heard back from him, though! He’s one of my favorite artists, and it’s so exciting that he responded to you. Congrats!

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