Presenting Raiding The Lost Ark – Part 2
After the popularity of Raiding the Lost Ark – Part 1, I’ve decided to go ahead and release Part 2! Again, it’s not the final audio mix, colour corrected version but it’s 90% there and ready for you to enjoy. The final version of Raiding will hopefully be uploaded as one long video.

We start slowly and contemplatively with Harrison Ford and the now late Denholm Elliot in a scene that was shot in a Masonic School in Rickmansworth, Hertfordshire, England.

The bulk of Part 2 however, concerns the interaction between Spielberg and his actors during the shooting of the Raven Bar scene. A deleted scene is reconstructed with available material, as well as a wonderful animation by  James Bruehl.

In this part you will also hear for the first time from Sound Editor Mark Mangini who was kind enough to do an interview with me back in November 2011 for this very commentary track. Mark’s voice takes us through part of the Raven Bar shoot out, one of the best loved sequences of the movie. There’s more from him in later parts, including a rather nice story about his colleagues and a certain award…  Enjoy!


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  1. I really love your videos and I am so glad you have made one about my favorite movie, Raiders!

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