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Wolf Kahler Today

When collecting material for Raiding the Lost Ark it soon became apparent that there wasn’t as much available as there was for the Star Wars Filmumentaries.  I kind of knew I would have to work a little harder on this one, so I decided quite early that I would like to speak to some of the individuals that haven’t had their Raiders voice heard.  A very kind Twitter follower named @marky242 was kind enough to approach Mr Wolf Kahler at a film convention.  When Mark explained my project, Wolf was quite keen to get in contact with me and graciously passed on his phone number.
One night I nervously gave one of Radiers’ nastiest villains a call to find him a softly spoken, true gentleman.  Wolf spoke enthusiastically about his experiences but wasn’t sure if what he had to say was what I was looking for.  Luckily it was just what I needed to turn Raiding into something special for Indy fans everywhere.  So we arranged to meet in London just a couple of weeks later.

Eventually we met and battled through the background noises of a coffee shop just north of the capital.  Again Wolf came forth with some great stories and anecdotes, which I eagerly recorded (and some that I’ll never repeat!). We even continued to chat for an hour or so after the interview was finished.  He was even kind enough to show me his portfolio of stills from some of the films he’s starred in.  The Raiders ones obviously caught my eye, including the best print I’ve seen to date of a particular deleted scene.  I am sure you will love hearing Wolf’s fantastic voice (he is now a voiceover artist as well) as he talks you through his iconic role as Colonel Dietrich in Raiding the Lost Ark, coming soon!

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