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Raiding The Lost Ark: Part 4

05/01/2012 by filmumentaries | 1 Comment

We pick up with Indy and Belloq’s war of words in the Hookah cafe.  Again we hear from Sound Editor Mark Mangini as he talks us through legendary voice actor Frank Welker’s involvement in the film.  We also hear excerpts from my exclusive interview with Colonel Dietrich himself, Wolf Kahler. Wolf has such a fantastic voice. I would happily have spoken to him for another three hours. There is also a storyboard comparison sequence that I enjoyed putting together for the map room scene. I hope you enjoy it.

Raiding The Lost Ark – Part 1 – Special Preview

01/12/2011 by filmumentaries | 0 comments

After the success of Star Wars Begins, I have decided to produce ‘Raiding the Lost Ark’ for release in December 2011.  Whilst I will keep the usual ‘Filmumentary’ format, using archival interviews, I will also be interviewing several people involved in the production of Raiders of the Lost Ark.  I’ve already recorded and integrated interviews with Wolf Kahler, who starred as Colonel Dietrich and Mark Mangini, Sound Editor.  I have also been in contact with the legendary producer Robert Watts who is keen to talk and sculptor Brian Muir, who I hope to speak with this month.  By doing these first hand interviews I will be able to get commentary directly targeted to certain scenes, once again giving fans an insight into the making of the film like never before.

A preliminary Part 1 is below for your enjoyment!

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