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Full Interview with Wolf Kahler

Wolf Kahler Today

Back in 2011, I interviewed the brilliant Wolf Kahler aka Colonel Dietrich in a noisy coffee shop in North London for my filmumentary project Raiding the Lost Ark.  Below is a link to the full interview. Wolf Kahler Full Interview  

Part 1 Uploaded to YouTube

I’ve just uploaded a 10 minute part 1 to YouTube as I thought I might be neglecting all those YouTube subscribers. It’s a slightly updated one to the version on Vimeo. Things are going well. I’ve been working on Raiding all day and reckon it will be ready to launch within a couple of weeks.… Read More

Raiding The Lost Ark: Part 4 We pick up with Indy and Belloq’s war of words in the Hookah cafe.  Again we hear from Sound Editor Mark Mangini as he talks us through legendary voice actor Frank Welker’s involvement in the film.  We also hear excerpts from my exclusive interview with Colonel Dietrich himself, Wolf Kahler. Wolf has such a fantastic voice.… Read More

Meeting with Sculptor Brian Muir


Next week I am visiting legendary sculptor Brian Muir. If you’re not familiar with Brian’s work just take a look at his website . Within moments you’ll realise quite how prolific this man is. Whilst Brian’s work on Raiders was not as involved as with many other films, his impact is clear. The Ark, the… Read More

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