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Below are my full Filmumentaries on Vimeo and links to some other videos on my YouTube and Vimeo Channels. I hope you enjoy them. Please do take the time to comment or ‘like’ where appropriate. Thanks.

Inside Jaws – A Filmumentary (2013)

Raiding the Lost Ark – A Filmumentary (2012)

Star Wars Begins – The Complete Documentary (2011)

Returning to Jedi – The Complete Documentary (2008)

Building Empire – The Complete Documentary (2006/8)

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BBC Radio 4 Film Programme Interview with Francine Stock

23 Responses

  1. Henning says

    Hi Jamie.
    I am totally amazed by your Filmumentaries (TM) !
    Love to watch them ever and ever again.
    Curious about your next project !
    Thank you for your great work.

    • filmumentaries says

      Thanks for your kind words. I’ll be announcing my next project soon(ish).

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  4. Nick says

    Question, why does starwars begins just stop right after Carrie is talking about wanting to change her lines like Harrison? if it’s the “Complete Documentary” it sure didn’t seem like it…

    • filmumentaries says

      Its fine for me. Try logging in and downloading the MP4. Enjoy.

  5. Matthew Read says

    Love your filmumentaries any chance you might be considering doing Temple of Doom and Last Crusade from the Indiana Jones Franchise.

    Some other films that I would like to see as your amazing documentaries are Back to the Future Trilogy maybe even Aliens Trilogy would be good as well.

    Thanks for your hard work

    • filmumentaries says

      Maybe one day! Thanks for getting in touch.

  6. Edward says

    I’m speechless as to how fantastic your Star Wars movies are.

    • filmumentaries says

      Thanks! Glad you enjoyed.

  7. Kathleen Land says

    Hi Jamie,
    Wow! I’m so glad I heard about you and your work. These are clearly labors of love, beautifully done. In the early 1990′s, I worked as a PA at Matte World, which was Mike Pangrazio’s and Craig Barron’s effects shop. I learned there how much painstaking work goes into every shot, and how much is never used (that can be really disappointing). Most of all I learned to appreciate the talents and efforts of the artists and craftspeople involved. It was fascinating, and your work takes me back in a wonderful way. Thank you very much for all of your efforts!

    Kathleen in San Francisco

    • filmumentaries says

      Hi Kathleen,

      So great to hear from you! Where did you hear about my work?

      Mike Pangrazio is one of many of these unsung heroes of film making. Please do pass on my work to your colleagues.

      Thanks so much.
      Jamie in London.

  8. Daniel says

    Hi Jamie,

    have you any idea where i would be able to get a copy of Star Wars : The Lost Cut.

    I have been trying to find it since I saw the clips in your video.



    • filmumentaries says

      It only exists in the Lucasfilm archives. It’s never been publicly released, just those snippets.

  9. Dael Brookes says

    Hi there Jamie,
    I just wanted to say thank you for your fantastic work on the Star Wars Filmumentaries. I’ve enjoyed them hugely and as a younger fan of the franchise not alive when the original trilogy was released, your films really helped me realise the impact and context that made Star Wars the legend that it is today. I can only imagine the amount of work that went into making them, do you have any plans to update them with the newly released Blu-ray missing scenes and stuff? Just a thought.
    Anyway, thank you again :)

    • filmumentaries says


      Thanks for the kind comments. Great that these docos appeal to the younger fan and not just us old cynics.

      I don’t have any plans as yet to update them.



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  11. Luke R J Main says

    Your Star Wars commentaries were absolutely fantastic, was loving every second until… they disappeared today! These videos have been my life-line at uni, watching them each day has kept me sane and now I have nothing satisfy my inner Star-Wars nerd (except the blu-rays, but still!).
    Kudos to you though, I eagerly anticipate watching the Raiders one, and the Jaws one in the future :) from one fan to another, you sir are amazing. But PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE put the vids up again!!

  12. T Pellman says

    I am loving your filmumentaries. I thought you might enjoy these vids I put together using video from Raiders: the Adaptation Tribute Recreation of the original theatrical trailer using video from the kids’ version

    Thank you so much for sharing your work. – T

    • filmumentaries says

      Very cool.

  13. Eudofarkencrog says

    Hi again,
    I have just spent the day geeking out to Building the Empire, which is fantastic! I just have one question: at 52:03 – 52:05 after R2 gets swallowed by the Dagobah monster, you can see a silhouette running from the top left hand side of the screen. It does not seem to me that this person is Luke, as it doesn’t seem to fit in with where he is. Do you know if it was meant to be him?


    • filmumentaries says

      I have no idea sorry! Glad you enjoyed Building Empire.

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